Old Arizona Brass Band
Recreating the Music of the Arizona Territory
OABB's List of "Cornet Band" Era Recordings
In addition to buying directly from the source artists via web site & live performance, vintage-style recordings can often be found on Amazon.com, Overstock.com, CdBay.com & Ebay.com as well as via your local retailers (like Borders) & resellers (used book&music stores). You just have to stay alert.
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Videos  (grand entertainment in your own parlor)
-The Exquisite Risk of Civil War Brass (Dan Senn &  1st Brigade  Band) VHS & DVD
-National Civil War Band Festival (2003)- On Video  (Tape-It! Video Productions
1-800-332-6121 [email])
-Far, far from home (music and camp scenes of the War Between the States) (2nd South Carolina String Band (LionHeart Film Works)
==> there must be more, please let us know what we're missing! <==
Ever-expanding List of Recordings
=> American Brass Quintet Brass Band
A Storm In The Land: music of the 26th N. C. Regimental Band, CSA (New World Records 80608-2)
Our Band Heritage [vol 1-7 ?] (AMP)
The Yankee Brass Band (New World Records)
=> American Serenade Band (Henry Charles Smith)
The Golden Age of Brass - Virtuoso Solos With Band
-Volume 1: Mark Lawrence, Trombone/Baritone &  David Hickman, Cornet (Summit Records DCD 114)
-Volume 2: Mark Lawrence, Trombone/Baritone &  David Hickman, Cornet (Summit Records DCD 121)
-Volume 3: Michael J. Colburn, Euphonium (Summit Records DCD 150)
=> Americus Brass Band
Music of the Civil War (Summit Records DCD126)
The Dodge City Cow-Boy Band (ABB 1884)
Wild West Music of Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band * (Buffalo Bill Historical Center 1-800-533-3838)
=> Archeophone Records (early American sound recordings)
    Not recreations, this is the real thing!
The 1890s, Vol. 1: "Wipe Him off the Land"
The 1890s Vol. 2: "Wear Yer Bran New Gown"
Real Ragtime: Disc Recordings From Its Heyday
=> Ken Austin
The Yankee Olio (beautifully performed vintage Eb cornet solos)
=> Helen Beedle (parlor piano)
When the Galop Was the Rage (Morning Star Studios)
19th Century Salon & Concert Music (the Galop)
=> Ken Burns {various performers}
The Civil War {film soundtrack} (Electra Nonesuch)
=> Chestnut Brass Company & Friends
Foster for Brass (American Classics)
Listen to the Mockingbird (Newport Classics)
The Music of Francis Johnson & His Contemporaries: Early 19th-Century Black Composers (Music Masters)
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too (Newport Classics)
Pastime With Good Company (Crystal Records)
=> Circus Kingdom Band (Summer 1993)
More Music of The Circus Kingdom ~Summer 1993~
Herbert L Clarke, Cornet Soloist of the Sousa Band (Crystal Records CD450)
=> Classical Brass
Honor to our Soldiers: Music of the Civil War (Musicmasters)
=> Columbia Chamber Ensemble
Turn of the Century Cornet Favorites (Sony Classical SK 94886)
=> D.C.Hall's New Concert & Quadrille Band {string band}
D.C.Hall's New Concert & Quadrille Band
=> Dodworth Saxhorn Band
Grafulla's Favorites (New World Records CD 80556-2)
=> Ralph T. Dudgeon
Music for Keyed Bugle
=> Eastman Wind Ensemble with Frederick Fennell
Our Musical Past, vol 1 (Library of Congress # OMP 101/102)
Homespun America (VoxBox2)
The Civil War: Its Music and Its Sounds (Mercury)
The Spirit of 76 and Ruffles and Flourishes (Mercury 434 386-2)
Screamers (circus marches) & March Time (Mercury 432 019-2)
=> Empire Brass Quintet and Friends
American Brass Band Journal: A Collection of New and Beautiful Marches, Quick-Steps,and Polkas Arranged in an Easy Manner for Brass Bands of 12 Instruments (Sony SK 94885)
=> Excelsior Cornet Band
Cheer, Boys, Cheer! (ECB101)
=> Federal City Brass Band
Better Than Rations or Medicine
Pride of the Regiment
=> Federal Music Society
Music of the Federal Era (New World records)
Come and Trip It (New World Records)
=> 1st Brigade Band (just a sample of their considerable contributions)
Barnburners (Vol 13, Making History Live Series) Heritage Military Music Foundation Inc
Classics on the Battlefield (Vol 11, Making History Live Series) Heritage Military Music Foundation Inc
Concert Favorites (Heritage Military Music Foundation Inc) (making history live series, vol 12)
Music for the President (Lincoln) (Heritage of Music Foundation, vol 13)
Cheer Boys, Cheer (Heritage of Music Foundation, vol 6)
=> 5th Michigan Regiment Band
Favorites of the 5th Michigan Regiment Band Vols 1&2 (cassette)
=> Mark Gardner & Rex Rideout
Frontier Favorites: Old-Time Music of the Wild West (Ok it's string band but they play Capt Jenks!)
=> Goldman Band
The Golden Age of the American March (New World Records)
=> Gold Rush Cornet Band
Motherlode!- Golden Dance Hits of the 1850s, ‘60s, & ‘70s
=> Great American Main St. Band
Silks & Rags (Angel CDC 7 54131 2)
=> Heritage Americana Brass Band [Garofalo+Elrod]
& Fifes & Drums of Musick Virginia [Carroll]
Civil War Military Music (1994 recording)
=> Hesperus {string band}
Early American Roots (Maggie's Music)
=> The Imperial Serenaders
Music of the Bolden Band (Stomp Off Records #CD1351) {recreating very 1st jazz band with much carry-over from standard brass bands of the time} In other words, the veritable missing link.
=> London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble
Antique Brasses (Hyperion 2000) (recommended by Raph T Dudgeon)
=> (Wynton) Marsalis - Eastman Wind Ensemble
Carnaval (CBS Records - Masterworks) (MK 42137) (truly wonderful)
=> New Columbian Brass Band
Thatsum Rag! (Dorian #DOR-93165)
A Trip to Coney Island (Dorian #DIS-80153)
Music from America's Golden Age (Walking Frog Records WFR111)
=> New Custer Brass Band (Steve Charpie)
Custer's Last Band, The Original Music of Felix Vinatieri, Custer's Legendary Bandmaster (OABB's "best title" award) (kudos for rescuing & restoring such nice music)
=> New England Ragtime Conservatory, Southland Stingers
Scott Joplin: Red Back Book (Emd/Angel #47193)
=> Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps  (U.S. Army)
Spirit of America (Altissimo!)
=> Providence Brigade Band
The Original 1854 Brass Band Journal
=> Arthur Pryor 
ARTHUR PRYOR TROMBONE SOLOIST of the Sousa Band (Crystal Records CD451) (The man himself! & the clarity of the audio is well, truly remarkable)
=> Saxton's Cornet Band
You Naughty Naughty Men (one of many great recordings they've produced)
=> Territorial Brass
Distant Horns, vols 1&2, The Brass Band Era in the Old West
=> 3rd Florida Regimental Band (Co. B the "St. Agustine Blues")
Volume 2: Live In Concert, Brass Band Music of the Civil War
=> 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band
Hardtack & Coffee
A Tribute to Our Leader
=> Williams 5th Regimental Cavalry Band
Williams 5th Regimental Cavalry Band, vols. 1 & 2 & 3 {participating students receive college tuition help from portion of CD sales)
=> Wallace Collection (John Wallace, Simon Wright, Trevor Herbert)
The Origin of the Species, Virtuoso Victorian Brass Music from Cyfartha Castle, Wales (Nimbus Records NI 5470) (OABB's "best title" award #2, plus good music & fine story to boot)
=> Misc Artists
Music of the 1904 St.Louis World's Fair (Meet Me At The Fair) (Gaslight Records)
=> Ron Flintjer's remarkable compilation:
Actual recordings from the "late 1890's to the 1920's" by the likes of  "Clarke, Kryl, Levy, Bode, Rogers, Chambers, Liberiati, Hazel, Dolan" etc
Bb cornets at Picacho Peak 2007 (photo by Jim Horne)
Eb cornets at Picacho Peak 2007 (photo by Jim Horne)
Old Arizona at Picacho Peak 2007 (photo by Jim Horne)