Old Arizona Brass Band
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Fort Lowell in the Territory of Arizona (& its 21st century museum)
FSB (field staff & band) by units & dates at Ft. Lowell, Arizona Territory,
as compiled from post returns & transcribed for the Fort Lowell Museum by a hardy volunteer.& then copied here by our webmaster. Please report any inaccuracies, or provide helpful additions, by emailing the band. Thank you.

2nd Cav

4th Cav
6/16/84-1/24/85 (7mos & 8 days)
11/29/88-6/9/90 (7mos & 10 days) [time & dates
disagree by 1 year: blame webmaster's bifocals!]

5th Cav
3/13/73-5/1/75 (2 yrs, 1 mos & 18 days)

6th Cav
7/20/75-10/13/76 (1 yr, 2mos & 23 days)
6/27/78-12/6/81 (3 yrs, 5 mos & 9 days)
9/29/82-6/8/84 (1 yr, 8 mos & 9  days)

8th Inf 
7/7/86-11/24/86 (4 mos & 17 days)

Did your ancestor serve in any of these bands? Do you have any memorabilia you'd be willing to copy or photograph for us to share "to the world"on our website? Did your ancestor know who wrote "4th Cav Band" on the wall in the spectacular cave near Ft. Huachuca? All donated items become the property of the Old Arizona Brass Band & sources will be duly referenced unless anonymity is requested.

In particular, please help us compile a list of the soldier-musicians who served at old Fort Lowell. Thank you.

Bands stationed at Fort Lowell (1873-1891)
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We are a big fan of the Fort Lowell Museum & urge anyone with a hankering to learn more about SOUTHWESTERN MILITARY HISTORY to make a personal visit to the museum or chat with Dave Faust or Bob Hunter over the land line at (520) 885-3832.

Photos of 4th & 6th Cavalry Bands who were stationed at Fort Lowell
$th Cav Band & Gen Miles' parade (Tucson)
6th Cav Band prior to deployment to Ft. Lowell
Al Vreeland educating the crowd with Ft Lowell Museum in background
The Old Arizona troopers plus civilians of all ages & colors retrieve the garrison flag 02/09/08
Museum .Hours of Operation:
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Arizona time) Wednesday thru Saturday

Free Admission on Last Saturday of every month, otherwise standard historical society admission charges apply..

Be sure to notice the new 19th century style flagpole. (Or drive over to Ft. Craig National Monument in New Mexico & compare vintage flagpoles)

On special occasions, the Museum flies a huge garrison flag which, incidentally,  weighs 50 lbs & stretches 40 feet long.
The Old Arizona Brass Band is starting a Concert Series at Ft. Lowell Park in Tucson.  2010-11 dates are November 6, February 12 and April 2.  See Flyer