Old Arizona Brass Band
Recreating the Music of the Arizona Territory
The Old Arizona was introduced to the regimental song, The Silent Column, (& slogan "Prepared & Loyal") in summer of 2007 by Major John Conley, retired, a combat veteran of the Viet Nam War. Since its lyrics reference horse cavalry, we suspect it may predate Viet Nam by many years. However, we have been unable to find out anything about its age & origin. Help us out, won't you? & if you know of any other regimental tunes or songs from the horse cavalry era that we should know about, please contact us.
The Silent Column
Page updated August 8, 2011

click here to download midi file of the Silent Column
(midi by our musicial director based upon informal vocal rendition)
4th Cavalry Band in Tucson's Gen Miles Parade
4th Cav Band in Arizona Territory
The 4th Cavalry Band was stationed at Ft. Lowell, Ft. Huachuca & other frontier posts in Territorial Arizona.  Legend has it that the 4th Cav Band performed "Auld Lang Syne" at Ft. Bowie (now a national monument) when Geronimo, the determined, wily & worthy adversary,  and his loyal followers boarded transport for the journey to the railhead and points east. The band also marched in the parade honoring Gen. Miles hosted exuberantly by the Citizens of Tucson that now marks the end of the Indian War Period (see above photo courtesy of the Ft. Lowell Museum).
4th Cav Links
=> History of 4th Cavalry emphasizing 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry
(Courtesy of the 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Quarterhorse Association of  Veterans)

=> 1896 history of the 4th Cav Regiment by Gen. T. F. Rodenbough
(Courtesy of the US Army Center of Military History)

4th Cav BAND Links
=> A number of photos of the late 19th century version of the 4th Cav Band are "out  there. "We'll post the links once we've completed our recon.